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Get Ready for the Fall! 

Nursery Renovations Continue

You might have to work around some construction at the nursery, as we are making big changes at the nursery.  Artemis Gardens has been designing an entire new landscape for the yard and we have started construction this month.  The last design was in the 1980’s as a permaculture oriented landscape, but this new design will feature more natives in their natural setting, as well as more plants from the sunny Willamette valley as Seattle heats up.  We’ve started clearing and the old-growth snowberry in the back has been cut but not dug up.  We need some heavy equipment to do that!  Stay tuned for some events at the nursery featuring Deb Horn speaking about her approach to help display plants for the nursery.





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Outreach Sales

Does your school PTA or organization wish to sell native plants at an event?  Go Natives! will consign plants to you for your fundraiser and you can attract more visitors.

Go Natives! can advertise for the sale and come and provide a short presentation at the event.  We are completely self-contained, a registered business in Seattle (and Shoreline).

We love to consign plants to your event!