Sales & Events

Get Ready for the Spring! 

We are SO sorry to be closed this Monday April 1st, we have an illness and just cannot find anyone to help us out.  We should be open Wednesday.

Many plants will be sold out again this year due to the demand, so ask!

If you would like to pick some fruit trees or blueberries, we still have some.  We have nice Desert King figs and a variety of blueberries.  The other fruit trees we have include Yellow Transparent (which fruits earlier than when the apple maggot flies can infest them), and Comice Pear.


Please consider a gift certificate:

Requests can be made by email to


Outreach Sales

Does your school PTA or organization wish to sell native plants at an event?  Go Natives! will consign plants to you for your fundraiser and you can attract more visitors.

Go Natives! can advertise for the sale and come and provide a short presentation at the event.  We are completely self-contained, a registered business in Seattle (and Shoreline).

We would love to consign plants to your event!