Sales & Events

Go Natives! purchased some fruit trees and blueberries this past winter for our Permaculture clients.  We are making orders for January 2018 now!

Summer Hours

(Richmond Beach)

Monday (9am-2pm)

Wednesday (11am-3pm)

Friday (11am-4pm)

Saturday (10am-4pm)

Please consider a gift certificate

Requests can be made by email to


Outreach Sales

Does your school PTA or organization wish to sell native plants at an event?  Go Natives! will consign plants to you for your fundraiser and you can attract more visitors.

Go Natives! can advertise for the sale and come and provide a short presentation at the event.

Our first planned event for the fall will be a display (and sale) at the Edmonds Bird Fest on September 16th.  We will be at the Fish Hatchery from 12-3pm on Hwy 109 by the Edmonds Marsh.  Looks for the Signs!

We would love to consign plants to your event!