Our Plants

Our Plants 

Perennials by Chelsie

Go Natives! Nursery can locate more than 200  species of native plants from around the Pacific NW!  Our inventory includes a wide variety of rain-garden plants like Self-heal, Kelsey dogwood, Carex obnupta , and many others such as skunk cabbage, nodding onion and Yellow-eyed Grass

New to the nursery is my Penstemon-like favorite, Woodland Beardstongue (Nothochelone nemerosa).  We finally received Oak Ferns!   We still have  new plants coming into the nursery! Check the inventory!  Don bought more Indian Rhubarb (Darmera peltata) in Oregon.  Lots of wintergreen.  It is on sale for $3.50/ 4″.

We believe in plants that are ready for the real world. Plants that are propagated or potted at our nursery are given low amounts of organic fertilizer, mycorrhyzal fungi for healthy root systems and appropriate soil mixes. We practice integrated pest management and don’t rely on chemical treatments that weaken the plant’s natural ability to cope with natural stressors. We use non-chlorinated water.

Go Natives! Nursery works with wholesalers from the Willamette Valley in Oregon to British Columbia, ferreting out small mom and pop operations that are providing quality product with high “in the ground” survival, at excellent prices.

Take a look at our inventory for quantities and pricing. It’s best to confirm what’s in stock prior to ordering as sometimes things move too fast for us to keep it updated. For large projects, Go Natives! Nursery can broker larger orders. To discuss your project, contact Don Norman at don@gonativesnursery.com.

Bleeding Heart by Chelsie