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Welcome to COVID at the Nursery!  

We Still have Blueberries at the Nursery

Provide summer fruit for your garden, as well as fall color, we have brought some of the favorite blueberries to the nursery. Pre-order for next spring

Blueberry, BluecropVaccinium comm.sp.1 gal2$12
Blueberry, BluerayVaccinium comm.sp.1 gal1$12
Blueberry, ChandlerVaccinium comm.sp.1 gal16$12
Blueberry, DukeVaccinium comm.sp.1 gal5$12
Blueberry, JerseyVaccinium comm.sp.1 gal14$12
Vaccinium comm.sp.1 gal1$12
Blueberry, SpartanVaccinium comm.sp.1 gal10$12
Blueberry, Toro
Vaccinium comm.sp.1 gal10$12

Nursery Renovations Continue

The first phase of the garden redesign by Artemis Gardens has been completed.  The new entrance to the garden was opened up (see photo above).  The original design in the 1980’s was a permaculture oriented landscape, but this new design will feature more natives in their natural setting, as well as more plants from the sunny Willamette valley (Seattle is the new Willamette).  We’ve cleared out the old-growth snowberry in the back and started moving plants there.  We used heavy equipment to clear some trees in the front to make a sunny mini-prairie.  Come stop by and see it! 

Please consider giving a gift certificate:

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Outreach Sales

Does your school PTA or organization wish to sell native plants at an event?  Go Natives! will consign plants to you for your fundraiser and you can attract more visitors.

Go Natives! can advertise for the sale and come and provide a short presentation at the event.  We are completely self-contained and a registered business in Seattle (and Shoreline).

Oaks at the Nursery:

With the help of Deb Horn from Artemis Gardens, Go Natives! has puchased a variety of the smaller shrubby drought tolerant evergreen oaks (mostly west coast varieties) that will work on well-drained sunny sites. These Include: 

Huckleberry Oak – Quercus vaccinifolia

Tanbark Oak – Lithocarpus densiflorus (this gets big!)

Leather Oak – Quercus durata

Manzanitas at the Nursery

We added several new band-pots of Manzanitas this past week from a wholesale nursery down in Oregon, and they look really nice. If you have a well drained, sunny spot that is protected from cold wind, try one. They are evergreen and beautiful. Let us know if there is a particular varierty you would like in the future. We were able to find: 
Warren Roberts, Sentinel, Austin Griffith, Lester Round-tree

We also have some of the larger ground covers that get bigger than Kinnickinnick.

We love to consign plants your event!