Go Natives! Nursery is a small retail nursery in Richmond Beach. We offer more than 180 species of native plants from local growers throughout the Pacific Northwest. Our plants are ideal for rain gardens, creating backyard wildlife habitat, and residential landscaping. Go Natives! can also broker plant orders for large projects like commercial landscaping and restoration sites.

AUGUST  HOURS:  Monday 11am-4pm.

With the advent of fall (?) weather, the nursery is back to its Monday schedule (11am-4pm), and we are more available for visiting the nursery by appointment because Don is back!   Our address is 2112 NW 199th in Shoreline.  Send in your order and we will pull it for you!  Contact Don at gonatives@gmail.com or give him a call at (206) 799-1749 and we can set up a visit!  We are gearing up for sales this fall, so watch below for new dates to be posted!


North Seattle

The next sale will be in early September at the Edmonds Bird Fest.

Visit the Sales & Events page for details

Our Plants

Viola glabella flower -by R. Barnhill

Viola glabella by R. Barnhill

Go Natives! offers more than 170 species of native plants from the Pacific NW!  Our inventory includes a wide variety of rain-garden plants like Juncus effusus, Kelsey dogwood, Carex obnuptaEleocharis palustris, and many others such as skunk cabbage, nodding onion and Myrica gale. 

We believe in plants that are ready for the real world. Plants that are propagated or potted at our nursery are given low amounts of organic fertilizer, mycorrhizal fungi for healthy root systems and appropriate soil mixes. We practice integrated pest management and don’t rely on  chemical treatments that weaken the plant’s natural ability to cope with natural stressors. We use non-chlorinated water.

Go Natives! works with wholesalers from Portland to British Columbia, ferreting out small mom and pop operations that are providing quality product with high “in the ground” survival, at excellent prices.  Our newest supplier is Walla Walla Nursery for some grasses!

Take a look at our inventory for quantities and pricing.salmonberry flower -by R. Barnhill It’s best to confirm what’s in stock prior to ordering as sometimes things move too fast for us to keep it updated. For large projects, Go Natives! brokers larger orders than are shown in our inventory. To discuss your project, contact Don Norman at don@gonativesnursery.com.

Visiting the Nursery  by appointment:  To visit and buy plants outside of our public hours, please make an appointment by sending an email to gonatives@gmail.com. The nursery is located in Richmond Beach at 2112 NW 199th St.

If you can, send a list of what you would like to pick up to gonatives@gmail.com  and we can pull the plants ahead of time and have them ready for you to pick up.  Don and his truck are available to help get plants to your place.

Don is hard at work on the beaches in Lafourche and Jefferson Parishes with the Barataria Terrebonne National Estuary Program in Louisiana to inventory and band Least Terns and Wilson’s Plovers and assist with surveys of restored habitat from beach nourishment projects. He will return in August for the fall sales.

Until then, Roseann will be around to help with nursery orders, as will Joey and Boni.  Jasmine will be helping with watering and learning some horticulture.  The current inventory was updated July 5th, 2014.  We will be making a shrub buying trip this month so if there is something you need, let us know.

Don’s trip to the Republic of Georgia was a great success! Working with Ilia State University, not only were the wintering grounds of the endemic Great Rosefinch and Guldenstadt’s Redstarts located in the sea buckthorn (Hippodae rhamnoides) but with some great weather, the capture and color banding of 9 rosefinches and 110 redstarts in the beautiful Caucasus Mountains was much more than anyone expected! Work has begun to outline several projects! Don even got to try some buckthorn ice cream! Check out photos on the Go Natives Facebook page.