We have updated the inventory on November  11, 2019.  Welcome to the fall!  We have several plants in abundance we are putting on Sale!  It is still an excellent time for planting.  A lot of our bulbs should be in the ground, so Camas (4″) and Tall Camas (1gal) are on sale 50% off.  Shooting Star and Larkspur are 30% off.

In the inventory, the # column tells you how many we have in stock; the Available Column is comments.  If it says Available, it means we can usually obtain the plant from a local wholesaler.

You can search by common name or Latin name.  You can also just put in the name in the search column rather than scrolling through the huge list.  Many of the plants listed that do not have a amount in stock listed are typically available if it states so.

Common NameLatin NameSize#PriceAvailable
Alder, MountainAlnus incana ssp tenuifolia3 gal3$18
Alder, RedAlnus rubra1 gal31$9Available
Alder, RedAlnus rubra2 gal4$18
Alder, RedAlnus rubra5 gal2$36More Available
Alder, SitkaAlnus viridis sinuata1 gal10$9Just potted
Alder, SitkaAlnus viridis sinuata2 gal8$18Just potted
Alumroot, Round-LeafHeuchera cylindrica4 in3$4
Alumroot, Round-LeafHeuchera cylindrica1 gal1$9
Alumroot, Small FloweredHeuchera micrantha4 in$5
Alumroot, Small FloweredHeuchera micrantha5 in$5
Alumroot, Small FloweredHeuchera micrantha1 gal2$9
Alumroot,TallHeuchera chlorantha4 in$4
Alumroot,TallHeuchera chlorantha1 gal1$5
Apple, Yellow TransparentMalus sp. Commercial5gal4$36Earliest Apple
Ash, Oregon Fraxinus latifolia1 gal1$8
Ash, Oregon Fraxinus latifolia2 gal4$18
Ash, Oregon Fraxinus latifolia5 gal5$36
Ash, Sitka MountainSorbus sitchensis2 gal$18
Aspen, QuakingPopulus tremuloides1 gal9$10More Available
Aspen, QuakingPopulus tremuloides2 gal9$18
Aspen, QuakingPopulus tremuloides3 gal$24
Aspen, QuakingPopulus tremuloides5 gal5$45More Feb
Aspen, QuakingPopulus tremuloides7 gal2$55
Aster, AlpineAster alpigenus4 in$5Spring
Aster, AlpineAster alpigenus1 gal$9
Aster, DouglasSymphyotrichum subspicatus4 in8$5100 just potted
Aster, DouglasAster subspicatus1 gal$8
Aster, DouglasAster subspicatus2 gal1$14
Aster, Hairy GoldenChrysopsis villiosa4 in$5
Aster, PacificAster chilensis4 in$5
Aster, PacificAster chilensis1 gal$9
Aster, PacificAster chilensis2 gal$14
Avens, Large LeafGeum macrophyllum4 in2$4Available
Avens, Large LeafGeum macrophyllum1 gal$9Available
Avens, PurpleGeum rivale4 in$5
Azalea, FalseMenziesia ferruginea1 gal3$12
BaneberryActea rubrum4 in$6Fal
BaneberryActea rubrum1 gal5$10White Berry
BeargrassXerophyllum tenax4" Band$10
BeargrassXerophyllum tenax1 gal7$10
Bee Balm Jacob ClineMonarda didyma1 gal4$12
Bee Balm Jacob ClineMonarda didyma2gal$18Non-native
Birch, PaperBetula papyrifera1 gal7$10
Birch, PaperBetula papyrifera2 gal2$18
Birch, PaperBetula papyrifera3 gal4$24
Birch, PaperBetula papyrifera5 gal3$36Available
Blackberry, Trailing Rubus urcinus4 in$6
Blackberry, Trailing Rubus urcinus1 gal4$9
BlackcapRubus leucodermis1 gal25$10Nice!
BlanketflowerGaillardia aristata4 in30$5
Bleeding HeartDicentra formosa4 in250$5Dormant
Bleeding HeartDicentra formosa1 gal$9
Bluebells, BroadleafMertensia platyphylla1 gal4$9
Bluebells, BroadleafMertensia platyphylla4 in14$5
Blueberry, BluecropVaccinium comm.sp.2 gal$18Next Year
Blueberry, BluerayVaccinium comm.sp.2 gal$18Next Year
Blueberry, ChandlerVaccinium comm.sp.2 gal$18Next Year
Blueberry, DarrowVaccinium comm.sp.2 gal$18Next Year
Blueberry, NorthskyVaccinium comm.sp.2 gal$18Next Year
Blueberry, SpartanVaccinium comm.sp.2 gal$18Next Year
Blue BlossomCeanothus thrysiflorus1 gal$10OR Native
Bog LaurelKalmia microphylla1 gal$15Inquire
Bog RosemaryAndromeda polifolia1 gal$15
BoykiniaBoykinia major4 in5$5
BoykiniaBoykinia major1 gal$8
Brown-eyed SusanGaillardia aristata4 in30$4
BuckbrushCeanothus cuneatus1 gal$12
BuckbrushCeanothus cuneatus3 gal5$28
BuffaloberrySheperdia canadensis1 gal35$12
Buffaloberry, SilverSheperdia argentea1 gal$12
Buffaloberry, SilverSheperdia argentea2 gal10$18
Buffaloberry, SilverSheperdia argentea3 gal15$24
Buffaloberry, SilverSheperdia argentea5 gal5$36Spiny fence
Bullrush, Small floweredScirpus microcarpus1 gal8$8Large pots
BunchberryCornus canadensis4 in27$6
BunchberryCornus canadensis1 gal$9
Buttercup, WesternRanunculs occidentalis4 in2$4
CA Wax MyrtleMorella californica1 gal20$12+50 Repotted
CA Wax MyrtleMorella californica2 gal8$24More coming
CA Wax MyrtleMorella californica3 gal2$36
CA Wax MyrtleMorella californica5 gal40$55Available!
Camas, Common Camassia quamash4 in140$6On sale $3.00
Camas, Common Camassia quamash1 gal$10Big bulbs
Camas, Common Camassia quamashbulbs$4
Camas, TallCamassia leichtlenniibulbs$4
Camas, TallCamassia leichtlennii4 in16$6Dormant
Camas, TallCamassia leichtlennii1 gal145$10On sale $5
CascaraFrangula purshiana1 gal48$9
CascaraFrangula purshiana2 gal$18
CascaraFrangula purshiana3 gal3$18
CascaraFrangula purshiana5 gal$45Coming
CattailTypha latifolia1 gal10$8
CattailTypha latifolia4 in3$5
Cedar, AK YellowChaemecyparis nootkatensis5 gal$36Available
Cedar, IncenseCalocedrus cupressens3 gal10$28Small, on sale
Cedar, IncenseCalocedrus cupressens5 gal3$45
Cedar, W. RedThuja plicata1 gal8$910
Cedar, W. RedThuja plicata2 gal19$18Available
Cedar, W. RedThuja plicata3 gal$16
Cedar, W. RedThuja plicata5 gal9$36Sale!
Cedar, W. RedThuja plicata15 gal1$125Available
Checker-mallow, HendersonsSidalcea hendersonii4 in24$5
Checker-mallow, HendersonsSidalcea hendersonii1 gal100$9On sale $6.30
Checker mallow, DwarfSidalcea malvaflora4 in16$5
Checker mallow, DwarfSidalcea malvaflora1 gal22$10
Cherry, Native-bitterPrunus emarginata1 gal$9
Cherry, Native-bitterPrunus emarginata5 gal2$45
Cherry, NorthstarPrunus sp. Commercial5 gal$45
ChokecherryPrunus virginiana1 gal33$9
ChokecherryPrunus virginiana2 gal1$18
ChokecherryPrunus virginiana3 gal4$24
ChokecherryPrunus virginiana5 gal7$45
Cinquefoil, GracefulPotentilla gracilis1 gal$9
Coastal MugwortArtemisia suksdorfii1 gal$9
CoffeeberryRhamnus californica2 gal9$18Evergreen
ColtsfootPetasites frigidus1 gal0ut$10Ask
Columbine, RedAquilegia formosa4 in8$5
Columbine, RedAquilegia formosa1 gal10$10
Coneflower, Eastern PurpleEchinacea purpurea4 in30$5
Coneflower, Eastern PurpleEchinacea purpurea1 gal3$9
Coneflower, Narrow-leafEchinacea angustifolia4 in17$5
Coneflower, Narrow-leafEchinacea angustifolia1 gal80$530% off
Coneflower, WesternRubbeckia occidentalis4 in$5
Coneflower, WesternRubbeckia occidentalis1 gal30$10
Corydalis, Scouler'sCorydalis scouleri1 gal$12
Cow's ParsnipHeraculeum lanatum4 in$6
Crabapple, Pacific NativeMalus fusca1 gal7$10
Crabapple, Pacific NativeMalus fusca2 gal$18
Crabapple, Pacific NativeMalus fusca5 gal$45Available
Currant, BlackRibes lacustre1 gal20$10
Currant, BlackRibes lacustre2 gal20$18
Currant, Golden Ribes aureum1 gal1$10
Currant, Golden Ribes aureum2 gal8$18
Currant, Prickly Ribes divericatum1 gal10$9Thorny Fence
Currant, Prickly Ribes divericatum2 gal1$18
Currant, Red FloweringRibes sanguineum1 gal12$10
Currant, Red FloweringRibes sanguineum2 gal14$28
Currant, Red FloweringRibes sanguineum3 gal$36
Currant, Red FloweringRibes sanguineum5 gal$45Available
Currant, Stink (bad name)Ribes bracteosum2 gal$18
Currant, Stink (bad name)Ribes bracteosum1 gal20$10Nice!
Currant, Stink (bad name)Ribes bracteosum5 gal3$45More Available
Currant, WaxRibes cereum1 gal9$12
Daisy, Cut-leafErigeron compositus4 innot ready$570 POTTED
Daisy, Cut-leafErigeron compositus1 gal$9
Devil's ClubOplopanax horridum4 in$6
Devil's ClubOplopanax horridum1 gal25$12Nice!
Dogwood, KelseyiCornus sericea1 gal15$10
Dogwood, KelseyiCornus sericea2 gal10$18
Dogwood, PacificCornus nutallii1 gal$12
Dogwood, PacificCornus nutallii2 gal$18Looking
Dogwood, PacificCornus nutallii5 gal$36
Dogwood, Red-twig Cornus sericea1 gal70$950% off
Dogwood, Red-twig Cornus sericea2 gal1$18
Dogwood, Red-twig Cornus sericea3 gal$22
Dogwood, Red-twig Cornus sericea5 gal$36
Dogwood, YellowtwigCornus sericea1 gal8$9Available
Dogwood, YellowtwigCornus sericea2 gal3$18Coming
Elderberry, BlueSambucus cerulea1 gal10$10
Elderberry, BlueSambucus cerulea2 gal$18
Elderberry, BlueSambucus cerulea3 gal1$22small
Elderberry, BlueSambucus cerulea5 gal$36
Elderberry, RedSambucus racemosa1 gal10$10More coming
Elderberry, RedSambucus racemosa2 gal32$18
Elderberry, RedSambucus racemosa5 gal5$36
Fairy Bells, Hooker'sProsartes hookeri4 in$5
Fairy Bells, Hooker'sProsartes hookeri1 gal$9
Fairy Bells, Smith'sProsartes smithii4 in$5
False Lilly of the ValleyMaianthemum dilatatum4 in105$5
False Lilly of the ValleyMaianthemum dilatatum5 in$6
False Solomons SealMaianthemum racemosa5 in$6
False Solomons SealMaianthemum racemosa1 gal30$12
Fern, BrackenPteridium aquilinium1 gal15$10Dormant
Fern, Deer Blechnum spicant4 in45$5
Fern, Deer Blechnum spicant1 gal10$12
Fern, Lady Athyrium filix-femina4 in15$5
Fern, Lady Athyrium filix-femina1 gal40$12
Fern, Lady Athyrium filix-femina2 gal$18
Fern, Leathery PolypodyPolypodium scouleri1 gal9$10
Fern, LicoricePolypodium glycyrrhiza4 in25$5Very nice
Fern, Maidenhair Adiantum aleuticum4 in36$5
Fern, Maidenhair Adiantum pedatum1 gal18$12Very nice
Fern, Oak Gymnocarpium dryopteris4 in34$6
Fern, Oak Gymnocarpium dryopteris1 gal$10
Fern, Sword Polystichum munitum4 in50$5More Oct
Fern, Sword Polystichum munitum1 gal50$10Available
Fern, Sword Polystichum munitum2-3 gal10$20
Fern, Sword Polystichum munitum5 gal1$36Available
Fern, WoodDryopteris expansa1 gal4$10available
Fescue, IdahoFestuca idahoenis Roemeri4 in10$4
Fescue, IdahoFestuca idahoenis Roemeri1 gal$6
Fig, Desert KingFig, Desert King5 gal1$45One left!
Fir, DouglasPseudotsuga menziesii1 gal6$9More Available
Fir, DouglasPseudotsuga menziesii2 gal6$18
Fir, DouglasPseudotsuga menziesii5 gal1$36Available
Fir, DouglasPseudotsuga menziesii10 gal$55
Fir, DouglasPseudotsuga menziesii15 gal$125
Fir, GrandAbies grandis1 gal$9More Available
Fir, GrandAbies grandis2 gal2$18
Fir, GrandAbies grandis5 gal$36
Fir, NobleAbies procera2 gal$18
Fir, NobleAbies procera5 gal1$36
Fleabane, PhillyErigeron philadelphus4 in2$5
Fleabane, SeasideErigeron glauca4 in$6BIG!
Fleabane, SeasideErigeron glauca1 gal30$10
Fleabane, ShowyErigeron speciosus4 in45$5
Fleabane, ShowyErigeron speciosus1 gal25$9
Foam FlowerTiarella trifoliata4 in1$5
Foam FlowerTiarella trifoliata1 gal13$9
FringecupTellima grandiflora4 in17$4
FringecupTellima grandiflora1 gal18$8
Ginger, WildAsarum caudatum2 in$5
Ginger, WildAsarum caudatum4 in35$5
Ginger, WildAsarum caudatum1 gal30$10
Goats BeardAruncus sylvestris4 in30$5less
Goats BeardAruncus dioicus1 gal1$10
Goats BeardAruncus dioicus2 gal$18
GoldenrodSolidago lepsia/ canadensis4 in5$5On Sale!
GoldenrodSolidago lepsia/ canadensis1 gal13$9
GoldenrodSolidago lepsia/ canadensis2 gal$12
Grass, Blue OatHelictotrichon sempivirens4 in1$5
Grass, Blue-eyedSisyrhyncium idahoense4 in25$5
Grass, Tufted HairDeschampsia caespitosa4 in25$5More Available
Grass, Yellow-eyedSisyrhyncium californicum4 in30$5
Gumweed, CoastGrindelia integrifolia4 in7$5
HarebellCampanula rotundifolia4 in$5Looking
HarebellCampanula rotundifolia1 gal$9
Hawthorn, BlackCrataegus sudsdorfii2 gal$18
Hawthorn, DouglasCrataegus douglasii1 gal5$9
Hawthorn, DouglasCrataegus douglasii2 gal2$18
Hawthorn, DouglasCrataegus douglasii3 gal2
Hawthorn, DouglasCrataegus douglasii5 gal1$45
Hawthorn, DouglasCrataegus douglasii7-10gal$55
HazelnutCorylus cornuta1 gal7$1010 small
HazelnutCorylus cornuta2 gal13$18
HazelnutCorylus cornuta3 gal4$28
HazelnutCorylus cornuta5 gal$36
Hedge nettle, Cooley'sStachys cooleyae4 in45$4On sale $2
Hedge nettle, Cooley'sStachys cooleyae1 gal5$8
Hedge nettle, Cooley'sStachys cooleyae2 gal$18
Hemlock, Mountain Tsuga mertensiana5 gal3$45Available
Hemlock, Mountain Tsuga mertensiana10 gal$95Available
Hemlock, Mountain Tsuga mertensiana15 gal2$125
Hemlock, Western Tsuga heterophylla1 gal2$10
Hemlock, Western Tsuga heterophylla2 gal8$18
Hemlock, Western Tsuga heterophylla5 gal3$36
Hemlock, Western Tsuga heterophylla10 gal$95
Hesperantha/ Red IrisSchizostylis coccinea1 gal32$10Blooming
Hesperantha/ Red IrisSchizostylis coccinea4 in3$5
High-bush CranberryViburnum trilobum1 gal$10
High-bush CranberryViburnum trilobum2 gal5$18
High-bush CranberryViburnum trilobum3 gal$24
Honeysuckle, OrangeLonicera ciliosa1 gal5$13
Honeysuckle, OrangeLonicera ciliosa4 inNot Ready$569 Potted
Honeysuckle, PinkLonicera hispidula1 gal31$13
Huckleberry, Black Vaccinium membranaceum1 gal$12
Huckleberry, Evergreen Vaccinium ovatum1 gal40$13
Huckleberry, Evergreen Vaccinium ovatum2 gal15$30
Huckleberry, Evergreen Vaccinium ovatum5 gal4$45Available
Huckleberry, Red Vaccinium parvifolium1 gal$13
Huckleberry, Red Vaccinium parvifolium2 gal20$24
Huckleberry, Red Vaccinium parvifolium5 gal$50
Incense CedarCalocedrus decurrens3 gal10$28Small
Incense CedarCalocedrus decurrens5 gal3$55More Fall
Indian PlumOemlaria cerasiformis1 gal22$980 Potted
Indian PlumOemlaria cerasiformis2 gal2$18
Indian PlumOemlaria cerasiformis5 gal$36Available
Indian RhubarbDarmera peltata1 gal12$12Just IN! Nice
Inside-out FlowerVancouveria hexandra4 in36$5
Inside-out FlowerVancouveria hexandra1 gal7$9Nice
Iris, Alaska WildIris setosa4 in40$5
Iris, Alaska WildIris setosa1 gal20$10
Iris, Alaska WildIris setosa2 gal$18
Iris, Blue-eyed grassSisyrhyncium idahoense4 in40$5
Iris, DouglasIris douglasii4 in70$5and 7 Just Potted
Iris, DouglasIris douglasii1 gal34$10Looking good
Iris, DouglasIris douglasii2 gal$18
Iris, DouglasIris douglasii5 gal$40
Iris, ORIris tenax4 in$545 Just potted
Iris, ORIris tenax1 gal10$10
Iris, PacificCoast Iris chrysophylla4 in10$5
Iris, PacificCoast Iris chrysophylla1 gal3$10
Iris, Western BlueIris missouriensis4 in3$5
Iris, Western BlueIris missouriensis1 gal11$10
Iris, Yellow-eyed grassSisyrhyncium californicum4 in115$5On sale $3.50
Iris, Yellow-eyed grassSisyrhyncium californicum1 gal$9
Juniper, Rocky MountainJuniperus scopulorum2 gal8$18Hot site screen
KinnickinnickArctostaphylos uva-ursi4 in180$4
KinnickinnickArctostaphylos uva-ursi1 gal$9Available
Labrador TeaLedum (Rhododendron groen)2 gal$20
Labrador Tea, SmoothRhododendron columbianum2 gal$24Out
Larkspur, NuttallsDelphinium nuttalliiBulbs$4Potted
Larkspur, NuttallsDelphinium nuttallii4 in95$5On sale $3.50
Larkspur, MenziesDelphinium menziesii4 in9$5
Larkspur, StreambankDelphinium trollifolium4 in12$5
Larkspur, StreambankDelphinium trollifolium1 gal2$9
Laurel, BayUmbellaria californica3 gal$20Looking in OR
Lily, TigerLilium columbianumbulb$6
Lily, TigerLilium columbianum4 in25$6Just potted
Lily, TigerLilium columbianum1 gal35$12Just potted
Lily, White FawnErythronium oreganum1 gal14$12Dormant
Lily, White FawnErythronium oreganum4 in$7
Lupine, Sickle-keeledLupinus albicaulis4 in16$5
Lupine, Sickle-keeledLupinus albicaulis1 gal20$10
Lupine, Big-leafLupinus polyphyllus4 in$5dormant
Lupine, Big-leafLupinus polyphyllus1 gal$10
Lupine, Broad - leafLupinus latifolius1 gal$10
Lupine, SeashoreLupinus littoralis1 gal5$10NEW
Lupine, RiverLupinus rivularis4 in2$5
MadroneArbutus menziesii1 gal4$1436 repotted
MadroneArbutus menziesii2 gal$20
Mahogany, Mt. curl leafCerocarpus ledifolius2 gal8$18
Maple, Big-leafAcer macrophyllum1 gal20$9Available
Maple, Big-leafAcer macrophyllum2 gal2$18
Maple, Big-leafAcer macrophyllum3 gal3$30
Maple, Big-leafAcer macrophyllum5 gal2$45Available
Maple, Big-leafAcer macrophyllum10 gal$55
Maple, DouglasAcer glabrum1 gal9$12
Maple, DouglasAcer glabrum2 gal35$18
Maple, DouglasAcer glabrum3 gal
Maple, DouglasAcer glabrum10 gal1$55Wonky
Maple, VineAcer circinatum1 gal2$12
Maple, VineAcer circinatum2 gal10$20
Maple, VineAcer circinatum3 gal$30
Maple, VineAcer circinatum5 gal7$45More coming
Maple, VineAcer circinatum7 gal3$60
Maple, VineAcer circinatum10 gal1$150
Maple, VineAcer circinatum15 gal1$150
MeadowrueThalictrum sp4 in$5
MeadowrueThalictrum polycarpum1 gal1$12
MilkweedAsclepias speciosus2"$5
MilkweedAsclepias speciosus4 in50$6On sale $4.20
MilkweedAsclepias speciosus1 gal$12
Milkweed, narrow leafAsclepias fasicularis1 gal$12
Mint, FieldMentha arvensis4 in$5Looking
MitellaPectiantia ovalis4 in$4New name
Mitrewort LeafyMitellastra caulescens4 in$4
Mock OrangePhiladelphus lewisii4 in$3
Mock OrangePhiladelphus lewisii1 gal3$10
Mock OrangePhiladelphus lewisii2 gal20$18
Mock OrangePhiladelphus lewisii3 gal$22
Mock OrangePhiladelphus lewisii5 gal$36Looking
Monkeyflower, PinkErythranthe lewisii4 in15$5
Monkeyflower, PinkErythranthe lewisii1 gal$10
Monkeyflower, ScarletErythranthe cardinalis4 in18$5
Monkeyflower, YellowErythranthe gutattus4 in$5Was Mimulus
Mule's EarWyethia angustifolia1 gal22$10
Mule's Ear, NorthernWyethia amplexicaulis1 gal22$10
Nettle, StingingUrtica dioica4 in$5Died over
Nettle, StingingUrtica dioica1 gal$5winter
Ninebark, PacificPhysocarpus capitatus1 gal20$9
Ninebark, PacificPhysocarpus capitatus2 gal$18
Ninebark, PacificPhysocarpus capitatus3 gal$22
Ninebark, PacificPhysocarpus capitatus5 gal$36
Oak, California BlackQuercus kelloggii1 gal$12
Oak, California BlackQuercus kelloggii2 gal3$18
Oak, Oregon WhiteQuercus garryana1 gal10$10small
Oak, Oregon WhiteQuercus garryana3 gal$36
Oak, Oregon WhiteQuercus garryana5 gal3$45More Coming
OceansprayHolodiscus discolor1 gal8$9
OceansprayHolodiscus discolor2 gal12$18
OceansprayHolodiscus discolor3 gal$24
OceansprayHolodiscus discolor5 gal5$36
Onion, Fool's Tritelia hyacinthina4 in$6
Onion, Hookers Allium acuminatum2 in2$4
Onion, Hookers Allium acuminatum4 in16$5
Onion, NoddingAllium cernuum4 in25$4.50
Onion, NoddingAllium cernuum1 gal9$9Very nice
OokowDichelostemma congesta4 in5$5
OokowDichelostemma congesta1 gal$10
Oregon BoxwoodPaxistima myrsinites4 in20$6tiny, but alive
Oregon Grape, CreepingBerberis(Mahonia) repens4 in$5
Oregon Grape, CreepingBerberis repens1 gal40$12More coming
Oregon Grape, CreepingBerberis repens2 gal$28
Oregon Grape, CreepingBerberis repens5 gal$36
Oregon Grape, Low or SmallBerberis (Mahonia) nervosa1 gal$12Looking
Oregon Grape, Low or SmallBerberis nervosa2 gal1$28
Oregon Grape, TallBerberis aquifolium1 gal10$12
Oregon Grape, TallBerberis aquifolium2 gal13$28
Oregon Grape, TallBerberis aquifolium3 gal$30
Oregon Grape, TallBerberis aquifolium5 gal4$36Lanky
Oregon SunshineEriophyllum lantum4 in55$5
Oregon SunshineEriophyllum lantum1 gal$12
Oval-leaf viburnumViburnum ellipticum1 gal10$10small
Oval-leaf viburnumViburnum ellipticum3 gal1$22More fall
Oval-leaf viburnumViburnum ellipticum5 gal$28
Paintbrush, IndianCastilleja miniata4 in$8All Gone!!
Peach, Autumn RosePrunus commer. Sp.5 gal2$36Fruit!!
Pear, BartlettPrunus commer. Sp.3 gal3$36
Pear, ComicePrunus commer. Sp.5 gal$36
Pearly EverlastingAnaphalis margaritacea4 in8$5Nice
Pearly EverlastingAnaphalis margaritacea1 gal$8
Penstemon, Broad-leafPenstemon ovatus4 in$5
Penstemon, Broad-leafPenstemon ovatus1 gal$10
Penstemon, CoastPenstemon serrulatus4 in5$5
Penstemon, CoastPenstemon serrulatus1 gal$10
Penstemon, Rattan's Penstemon rattanii''4 in4$5
Penstemon, Slender BluePenstemon procerus4 in$5
Penstemon, WoodlandNothochelone nermerosa4 in15$5
Persimmon, Jiro & FuyuDiospyros commercial Sp.1 gal$24
Piggy-back PlantTolmiea menziesii4 in20$5
Piggy-back PlantTolmiea menziesii1 gal$9
Pine, JeffreyPinus jeffreyii3 gal3$28
Pine, JeffreyPinus jeffreyii5 gal$36
Pine, PonderosaPinus ponderosa1 gal12$9
Pine, PonderosaPinus ponderosa2 gal2$18
Pine, PonderosaPinus ponderosa3 gal4$28
Pine, Shore lodgepolePinus contorta1 gal14$9
Pine, Shore lodgepolePinus contorta2 gal$18
Pine, Shore lodgepolePinus contorta3 gal$22
Pine, Shore lodgepolePinus contorta5 gal3$36
Pine, Western WhitePinus monticola2 gal4$18
Pine, Western WhitePinus monticola1 gal1$10
Pine, Western WhitePinus monticola5 gal$36
Plum, Italian Prune PlumPrunus commer. Sp.10 gal1$36HUGE!!
Plum, Italian Prune PlumPrunus commer. Sp.5 gal1$20
Potentilla, ShrubbyDasiphora fruticosa2 gal$12
Prairie SmokeGeum triflorum4 in50$5
Prairie SmokeGeum triflorum1 gal$9
Raspberry, CreepingRubus calycinoides4 in$3.50
Raspberry, GoldenRubus sp. Commerical1 gal5$62 crops/year!
Raspberry, GoldenRubus sp. Commerical2 gal5$10Will dig!
Rhododendron, PacificRhododendron macrophyllum1 gal$15OUT!!
Rhododendron, PacificRhododendron macrophyllum2 gal3$28Growing nice
Rhododendron, W AzaleaRhododendron occidentale1 gal$15Available
Rhododendron, W AzaleaRhododendron occidentale2 gal5$24Nice!~
Rhubarb, IndianDarmera peltata1 gal12$12Very NICE
Rhubarb, IndianDarmera peltata2 gal$15
Rosa, Baldhip-Small FruitRosa gymnocarpa1 gal30$9
Rosa, Baldhip-Small FruitRosa gymnocarpa2 gal$14
Rose, NootkaRosa nutkana1 gal31$9available
Rose, NootkaRosa nutkana2 gal$14
Rose, PeafruitRosa pisocarpa1 gal$9available
Rose, PeafruitRosa pisocarpa2 gal35$14nice
Rose, WoodsRosa woodsii1 gal2$9
RushJuncus effusus4 in$4available
RushJuncus effusus1 gal10$9
Rush (similar to Elk Blue)Juncus Patensplugs200$2
Rush (similar to Elk Blue)Juncus Patens2 in$3Just potted
Rush (similar to Elk Blue)Juncus Patens4 in50$4Just potted
Rush, Dagger-leafJuncus ensifolius4 in10$4
Rush, Dagger-leafJuncus ensifolius1 gal1$9
Rush, SlenderJuncus tenuis4 in19$4
SalalGaultheria shallon4 in14$4Available
SalalGaultheria shallon1 gal$10More Available
SalalGaultheria shallon2 gal9$18More Available
SalmonberryRubus spectabilis1 gal15$8
SalmonberryRubus spectabilis2 gal20$14More available
SalmonberryRubus spectabilis3 gal$24
SalmonberryRubus spectabilis5 gal$28
Sea ThriftArmeria maritima4 in$5
Sea ThriftArmeria maritima1 gal$7
Sedge, BigleafCarex ampilifolia1 gal1$8
Sedge AquaticCarex aquatilis4 in$4
Sedge AquaticCarex aquatilis1 gal3$8
Sedge, Dewey'sCarex deweyanaplugs$2
Sedge, Deweys Carex Deweyana4 in$4
Sedge, Deweys Carex Deweyanaplugs$1.50Available
Sedge, OR New ZealandCarex testacea4 in4$5
Sedge, SawbeakCarex stipata1 gal4$8
Sedge, SloughCarex obnuptaplugs$3
Sedge, SloughCarex obnupta1 gal7$8
Sedge, SloughCarex obnupta2 gal5$14
Sedge, SloughCarex obnupta3 gal$18
Sedge, SloughCarex obnupta5 gal2$22
Self HealPrunella vulgaris4 in75$4On sale $2
ServiceberryAmalanchier alnifolia1 gal8$9Very nice
ServiceberryAmalanchier alnifolia2 gal14$18
ServiceberryAmalanchier alnifolia3 gal3$28
ServiceberryAmalanchier alnifolia5 gal2$45
ServiceberryAmalanchier alnifolia10 gal2$125
ShootingstarDodecatheon hendersoniiBulbs$4
ShootingstarDodecatheon hendersonii4 in60$5On sale $3.50
ShootingstarDodecatheon hendersonii1 gal$10
ShootingstarDodecatheon pulchellum4 in7$5Dormant
Shrubby PotentillaDasiphora fruticosa2 gal$16
SilktasselGarrya elliptica1 gal5$12
SilktasselGarrya elliptica2 gal5$20
SilktasselGarrya elliptica3 gal5$28
SilktasselGarrya elliptica5 gal$45
Silverweed, PacificPotentilla anserina pacifica4 in160$4On sale $2
Silverweed, PacificArgentina egedii1 gal2$9Available
Skunk CabbageLysichiton americanus4 in40$6
Skunk CabbageLysichiton americanus1 gal$10
Skunk CabbageLysichiton americanus2 gal$14
Smith's Fairy BellsProsartes smithii5 in$6Same as Disporum
SnowberrySymphiocarpos albus1 gal15$8Available
SnowberrySymphiocarpos albus2 gal3$14
SnowberrySymphiocarpos albus3 gal$20
SnowberrySymphiocarpos albus5 gal3$28
Snowberry, CreepingSymphiocarpos mollis1 gal$9Coming May
Solomons Seal, StarryMaianthemum stellata4 in21$5
Solomons Seal, StarryMaianthemum stellata1 gal7$9
Sorrel, RedwoodOxalis oreganum4 in20$4More growing
Sorrel, RedwoodOxalis oreganum1 gal$9
Spike RushEleocharis palustris4 in44$4
Spike RushEleocharis palustris1 gal2$8
Spike Rush, SmallEleocharis ovata4 in15$4
Spirea, Flat top/ MountainSpirea splendens/ densiflora1 gal27$12Coming Soon
Spirea, Flat top/ MountainSpirea splendens/ densiflora2 gal11$18Pink flowers
Spirea, Flat top/ MountainSpirea splendens/ densiflora5 gal6$45Huge!!
Spirea, HardhackSpirea douglasii1 gal15$9
Spirea, HardhackSpirea douglasii2 gal1$18
Spirea, HardhackSpirea douglasii5 gal4$36Blooming
Spirea, Shiny leafSpirea lucida (betulifolia)1 gal55$9flowering!!
Spirea, Shiny leafSpirea lucida (betulifolia)3 gal20$24
Spirea, Shiny leafSpirea lucida (betulifolia)5 gal$45Coming Soon
Spruce, Sitka Picea sitchensis1 gal18$9Available
Spruce, Sitka Picea sitchensis2 gal1$18
Spruce, Sitka Picea sitchensis5 gal$36Available
Spruce, Sitka Picea sitchensis10 gal1$125
Starry-flowered Lilly ValleyMaianthemum stellata4 in21$5
Starry-flowered Lilly ValleyMaianthemum stellata1 gal8$10
Stinging NettleUrtica dioica1 gal$9Can Dig
Stinging NettleUrtica dioica4 in$3coming
Stonecrop, Broad-leafedSedum spauthifolium4 in8$570 plugs
Stonecrop, ORSedum oreganum4 in8$5Growing
Stonecrop, SpearleafSedum lanceolatum4 in4$5NEW
Stonecrop, SpreadingSedum divergens4 in2$5NEW
Strawberry TreeArbutus enedo compacta5 gal1$50Available
Strawberry TreeArbutus enedo Full Size5 gal3$45Available
Strawberry, CoastalFragaria chiloensis4 in20$3.50100 growing
Strawberry, MountainFragaria Virginiana4 in$3.50
Strawberry, WoodlandFragaria vesca4 in35$3.5050 Just potted
Streambank BeautyMontia parifolia4 in3$4
Sunshine, OregonEriophyllum lantum4 in55$5
Sunshine, OregonEriophyllum lantum1 gal$9
Sweet GaleMyrica gale1 gal7$9More available
Sweet GaleMyrica gale2 gal1$18
Sweet GaleMyrica gale5 gal$36
ThimbleberryRubus parviflorus1 gal22$9More Available
ThimbleberryRubus parviflorus2 gal11$18
ThimbleberryRubus parviflorus3 gal12$24
ThimbleberryRubus parviflorus5 gal1$36
Thrift SeaArmeria maritima4 in$5More Available
Thrift SeaArmeria maritima1 gal$9
Trillium, WesternTrillium ovatum1 gal5$15
TwinberryLonicera involucrata1 gal16$9More Available
TwinberryLonicera involucrata2 gal4$14
TwinberryLonicera involucrata3 gal2$28
TwinberryLonicera involucrata5 gal$36
TwinflowerLinnea borealis4 in13$6Going fast
Vanilla LeafAchlys triphylla4 in60$6On sale $3.50
Vanilla LeafAchlys triphylla1 gal$10
Viburnum, Hi-bush CranberryViburnum trilobum1 gal1$10
Viburnum, Hi-bush CranberryViburnum trilobum2 gal2$18
Viburnum, Oval-leafViburnum ellipticum1 gal10$10small
Viburnum, Oval-leafViburnum ellipticum3 gal1$24
Violet, Early blue Viola adunca4 in80$5On sale $3.50
Violet, Early blue Viola adunca1 gal5$9
Violet, MarshViola palustris4 in12$5
Violet, PrairieViola praemorsa4 in3$6
Violet, Trailing YellowViola sempivirens4 in10$6
Violet, Yellow StreamViola glabella4 in30$6
Violet, Yellow StreamViola glabella1 gal44$9
Wahoo, WesternEuonymus occidentalis1 gal2$10
Waterleaf, PacificHydrophylum tenuipes4 in$4
Waterleaf, PacificHydrophylum tenuipes1 gal10$9On Sale!
Willow, Alaska BlueSalix nana purpurea1 gal15$10
Willow, Alaska BlueSalix nana purpurea2 gal2$12
Willow, HookersSalix hookeriana1 gal$8
Willow, PacificSalix lasiandra1 gal2$10
Willow, Scouler'sSalix scouleriana1 gal6$9
Willow, unknownSalix sp.2 gal1$14
WintergreenGaultheria procumbens4 in50$5On sale $3.50
WintergreenGaultheria procumbens1 gal S4$9
Woodland BeardstongueNothochelone nermerosa4 in15$5
YarrowAchillea millefoliumplugs$2
YarrowAchillea millefolium4 in35$5
YarrowAchillea millefolium1 gal$9
Yarrow, PaprikaAchillea millefolium1 gal$9Grown by Kat
Yerba BuenaClinpodium douglasii4 in11$5NEW
Alder, Mountain 1 gal FCAlnus incara ssp tenuifolia1 gal308